Rural industrial

Produce and storage (pack house)

Whether it be packing goods or storing them, Bison have a solution for you.

Built to last a lifetime, Bison's produce and packing storage facilities are designed to your exact specifications, whether it be for storing and packing grains, fruit, vegetables, fertilisers, minerals or equipment.

Colorbond Swatches

Create excellent access with wide sliding doors, clear spans and large open bays with minimal obstructions.

Pack houses are high traffic areas. Bison's robust structures handle the knocks of daily operations. Where others build to 'make do', Bison build to last.

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Like what you see and want to investigate a steel building for your property.

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CA (Controlled Atmosphere) apple storage buildings. These require attention to detail in the construction phase for a guaranteed air seal.

Choose between spray on polyurethane or insulated cool room panel. Both products have their unique qualities and cost variances.