Rural industrial

Grain storage facilities

Providing security of income, flexible sales options and financial gain opportunities.

Bison can design and build a grain storage facility to your exact requirements, maximising capacity and lowering the cost per cubic metre of grain storage.

Because your grain is such a valuable asset, we ensure all of our grain storage facilities are bird and rodent resistant.

Various options including ridge and wall ventilation, concrete bunker walls, natural lighting in roof and walls and capacity for attaching grain equipment to the roof structure.

Talk to us about your grain storage needs and we can design a solution for your specific needs - whether it be a certain door height, wall height, roof pitch, or particular access panels and roof hatches to accommodate different grain handling systems.

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13 Barney Phillips Mar 2018

Rural Storage Building

A premium rural multipurpose storage building

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October 2017
Bernard Phillips
Building Size
12mL x 32mL x 5mH
I was driving to work one day and saw a nice shed going up down at Frogmore Creek, a big shed lifted by four cranes and it took my eye. Being in the construction industry myself it was really well done. For me it was easy to choose Bison, in fact it was the only quote that I got.
Bernard Phillips
Property Owner -
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Bison's structural system is well suited to handle the pressure of concrete bunker panels, weight of grain handling equipment, and will accommodate roof heights to allow unloading of semi tippers undercover.

32 Seed
10 Seed

Introduce natural light with Bison installed skylights that come with a 20 year warranty, preventing common issues such as discolouring or wind damage.

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How much grain would you like to store? This one holds 13,200 tonnes! Whether it is big or small, Bison can do it all.

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Burlington Berries 3503

Bison works closely with various grain specialists to incorporate ventilation and handling systems.

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