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Feedlot shelters

The cattle and sheep industry are a thriving industry. With strong demand, producers are investing in infrastructure to progress their enterprises.

Bison has been involved in the construction of large feed lot sheds in Tasmania for many years. The advantages of the Bison system allow for the following features & benefits:

  • Awnings overhanging feed pads so cattle troughs can be kept clean and dry and feeding vehicles can drive close by unobstructed.
  • Clear spans for unobstructed spaces allowing clean out vehicles to work safely & efficiently.
  • Robust steelwork to withstand ‘nudges & knocks’.
  • Fast erection system allowing minimal distraction to the operation.
  • Modular design to effortlessly add on as your business grows.
  • Non bruise bollards for high grading animals.
  • Strong I-beam columns to attach heavy duty fencing and gates with ease.
  • Structural steel framing to allow the incorporation of tilt panel for superb protection.
Colorbond Swatches
01 Feeding Yard

35m (W) x 240m (L) x 5m (H) including a 5m Cantilever awning.

04 Feeding Yard
12 Feeding Yard

Unsupported cantilever canopies enable cost effective cover well suited in a feedlot environment.

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12 Feeding Yard