When it comes to manufacturing facilities, BISON have the expertise and best structure for you when you next build.

Careful consideration is required when designing a building to ensure your current needs are not only met but those of the future also.

The nature of a manufacturing workshop often requires an overhead crane to be installed and BISON can design and engineer your shed for this purpose.

Be assured, whatever the requirement, the BISON team will work through every detail to deliver the result you only dreamed of!

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Consider the value of a well designed Bison workshop, incorporating extra wide doorways [< 15m], cantilever canopies [< 17m], overhead cranes [< 20tonne] and welding gantries.

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Tas Farm Equiptment 01

Overhead cranes require a heavily engineered structure for support, Bison is the only solution.

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Tas Farm Equiptment 37

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