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Complete design and construct building package’s can take control of new processing business ventures

We understand that developing a new factory is time consuming and possibly a little daunting. Bison offers a complete design and construct package that is tailored to our clients’ budget and requirements, taking control of part or all of the design, development and construction phases of the project.

We also understand the needs of on-time start and completion dates for the smooth transition from an existing site, the arrival of new equipment or the starting of a new business venture. Our team of industry professionals are dedicated to seeing your project through to a successful result, on time and on budget.

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Case study

16 Blue Hills Honey

Industrial Processing Complex

A state of the art honey processing facility

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September 2018
Blue Hills Honey - Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd
Building Size
15.8mW x 14.7mL x 4.5mH
Mawbanna Tas
We chose Bison because they are good project managers and they also have quality sheds as well, much better than anyone we saw on the market, you do get good value for money.
Robbie & Nicola Charles
Owner / Managers -
49 Packaging Plant Scottsdale Momento Photography

Ventilation and bird proofing in processing facilities is paramount, and Bison will go the extra mile in quality workmanship in every small detail of your project.

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Be it a conveyor, pipework, or a machine needing support, the Bison system has a versatility and strength to solve your every fit-out challenge.

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