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Distribution and Warehouse buildings

Spacious and safe working areas for efficient working conditions

Warehousing operations inevitably revolve around large open areas of floor space and pallet racking.

The Bison clear span roof truss system combined with heavy duty universal beam columns is the answer to your height, width and floor area requirements. Having spacious and safe working areas for lifting equipment ensures personnel safety, product quality and accessibility which in turn produces efficient working conditions from your investment.

Attention should be given to undercover loading and unloading bays, concrete panels for extra security, sisalation or insulation, lighting, floor coatings, spill control, bollards - the list goes on. Be sure to accommodate for increased capacity in the future and keep in mind your resale value.

Impress your clients with a 'state of the art' premises!

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Case study

006 Momento Porta 2020c

Industrial Warehouse & Sawmill

A sawmill and large warehouse for outbound material.

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November 2019
Porta Timber
Building Size
30mW x 56mL x 5.5mH Warehouse 23mW x 83mL x 6.75mH Sawmill with 28mW x 32mL Skillion
Bridgewater, Tas
It was a huge benefit to us to have Bison's experience on the ground in terms of a large installation like this.
John Meehan
Tasmanian Operations Manager -
Img 9598

Change of use happens regularly in these type of buildings and our clear span building system offers the versatility and unlimited opportunities for future occupancy.

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Img 0743

Bison's clear span building systems combined with block-work or concrete dado panels offer increased durability and security.

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