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Bison specialises in designing and building large clear span yard covers that keep humans and animals happy, healthy and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Make working with your livestock a pleasure for you and your employees with BISON yard covers.

Typical yard covers are 'roof only', an application suited to our unique design process that offers free-standing steel structures without the need for wall purlins or cladding for support.

We have plenty of custom options to keep your livestock in the best shape for market in any weather conditions.

  • Sheep yard covers
  • Feed pad covers
  • Drafting yard covers
  • Feedlot covers
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Case study

Will Morrison Yard Cover 2623

Sheep Yard Cover

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September 2017
Will Morrison - Pisa Estate
Building Size
25mL x 26.5mL x 3.5mH
Overall it was the one quote that was complete, made it a lot simpler and its a quality product. I'm just so excited to crutch sheep in the shade rather than in the sun, I think it will make life alot easier.
Will Morrison
Sheep farmer -
20210326 104844

Our clear span sheds are well suited to provide large unobstructed areas that yard covers require. With spans ranging from 9-60 metres, we will sure be able to design and construct the ultimate cover for you!

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Increased weather protection options such as side wall skirts or end wall gable infills can be added in the future if required. This is a way to stage your project and manage your budget.

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David archer
Will morrison yard cover 2630
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