Farm buildings

Machinery sheds and workshops

​Everybody knows that protected machinery operates better and holds its resale value.

Good use can be made of Tasmanian winter days with an area for tool repairs and machinery maintenance. Our open web joist trusses and heavy duty steel structure offers convenient options for attaching and hanging your equipment.

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Every farmer needs a workshop. It is essential to secure your tools and BISON uses exceptional quality roller doors, PA doors, sliding doors, tracks and rollers.

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A ‘column removal’ or commonly known as a ‘girder truss’ provides a double bay opening for making access easy for large machinery such as a header or a harvester.

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Include a workshop as an extra bay on your machinery shed / barn, or have it as a specialised building on your property. Our sheds can be designed to be totally enclosed, open-front, end-enclosed, or roof-only.

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