Dairy buildings

Robot dairy shed

Match your technology investment with a durable and enduring steel structure.

Bison's uniquely designed structures are especially suited to house sensitive robot dairy technology.

With increasing demand for installing solar. Bison design their roof structures to support increased load from panel infrastructure .

Other features & options include:

  • High level corrosion control options
  • Cantilever canopies over feed pad or drafting race
  • Natural light options in roof or walls
  • Blockwork or concrete dado walls for easy cleaning and durability
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Case study

008 Smithton MAY 2021 Medium

Robotic Dairy & Cheesemaking Facility

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Agritas - Smithton
22mW x 50mL x 4.3mH
It was very important to us to have a quote and for Bison to stick to that all the way through, so we were quite fortunate to have a partnership with them and the whole thing came together in a timely manner.
Paul Arnold
Project Manager -
Robot Dairy Lm 9977

Bison design the roof to support a full suite of solar panels – just another reason why Bison can fulfill every farmers request without a fuss!


A canopy makes a perfect undercover feed pad, as the columns are generally in the head bail alignment which means there is absolutely no obstruction to the entire length of the feed pad for feeding out. Great protection for feeds that are expensive and sensitive to moisture.

Robot Dairy Lm 9973
Robot Dairy Lm 9970