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Specialists in superior and efficient cool room structures. An all-inclusive building package provides a cost-effective project combining concrete slab, steel building and insulated panel.

The team at BISON bring together their expertise in quality steel construction and experience in installing insulated panelling for a complete building experience.

To complete our package to you, our team here at Bison is trained, dedicated and enthusiastic in providing you with superior customer service, with the capacity to draw on a large pool of industry knowledge and professional services to make sure your Bison cool room is tailor made to your requirements.

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Case study

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Produce Cool Storage

Stage 1 of Agronico's new cool store complex project has been completed and Bison Constructions was very honoured to be entrusted with this build.

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July 2017
Overall Building Size
65m Wide x 74m Long x 12m High
Building Details
15m Wide Center Breezeway
10 x 340 m2 Cool rooms
3,400 m2 of Cold Strage
Storage Capacity
8000T of Binned Potatoes in cool storage
I've been very happy with my relation with Bison, David has proved to be very patient with our constant changes, he's been very professional in his approach, its been a pleasure to work with him.
Robert Graham CEO
Spreyton, Tas -

Bison have worked with clients across various industries. Whatever it is that you process, package, store or distribute, we can help you out with a Cool Room designed and built specifically for your requirements.

Meat Industry

  • Abattoirs
  • Chillers
  • By-products

Dairy Industry

  • Dairies
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese


  • Seed Storage
  • Produce Processing
  • Blast Freezer


  • Barrel Store
  • Fermenting Rooms
  • Cider


  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Stores
  • Berry Processing and Packaging

Food processing, coolrooms and chillers

Bison's experience in this sector and endorsed by past and present customers has enabled us to achieve great project outcomes through innovation, detailed planning and collaborative stake-holder engagement with clear lines of communication.

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  • Bison-Coolroom-Packaging-Plant
  • Bison-Controlled-Atmosphere-Coolroom
  • Bison Produce Storage

CA Stores

A perfect sealed room is imperative for Controlled Atmosphere coolrooms, Bison understand how critical it is to create this seal in ensuring produce quality is maintained 100% and efficiency of plant. For more detail on freezer design Click here.


Designing and building your freezer starts underground. By installing pipework and drainage for ventilation, this ensures the base doesn't freeze, preventing your freezer slab from cracking or lifting. Heater mats in the slab can also been installed for added protection.

Freezer space is valuable and costly so making the most of your available space and giving close attention to the design will maximise storage capacity and efficiency.

Standard panel thickness for freezers are 200mm in EPS and 150mm in High density FR (Fire retardant) cores. For more detail on freezer design Click here.

  • Bison-Coolroom-Freezer
  • Bison-Coolroom-Carcass-Chiller

Carcass chillers

Chiller rail support systems can be self supporting or suspended from the Bison rafter system depending your requirements.

Dispatch chillers

Designed correctly these should include items such as suitable floor coatings, drainage, bump rails, covings and racking. Access is critical in these rooms as temperature loss can be significant so automated or rapid doors can be tailored to your application, including safety bollards.

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Case study

44 Packaging Plant Scottsdale Momento Photography

Pork Processing Facility

Building Scottsdale Pork’s new meat processing facility was very rewarding. Processing plants are a breed of their own!

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February 2016
Scottsdale Pork
Building Size
20m Wide x 20m Long x 6m High
Carcass Chiller, Freezer, Dispatch Chiller, Processing Room
Moving into the actual processing of our pork presented quite a challenge for us. We had a lot of detail to go into the design of the whole process and Bison's direct input and project management made this possible. Being conscious of lean processes we had to incorporate many features to facilitate efficient flow and Bison's unique building design put this right into action.
Daniel Unwin
Scottsdale -
Panel Skirt