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Aircraft Hangars

Specialists in superior structural steel aircraft hangars to secure any size aircraft, glider or helicopter.

Planning and building an aircraft hangar is always a customised experience.

Specialised knowledge and experience is necessary to successfully take on a project of this sort. Every aircraft is different, and there are many things to consider when designing the best possible facility to house these wonderful machines.

Not only do our hangars look impressive, they are built to perform with maximum functionality, protection and safety, with a number of unique features our engineers have developed to give us the competitive edge.

To complete our package to you, our team here at Bison is trained, dedicated and enthusiastic about providing you with superior customer service, with the capacity to draw on a large pool of industry knowledge and professional services to make sure your Bison aircraft hangar suits your requirements.

If you’re looking for superior, reliable aircraft protection, call us to discuss your needs.

No matter what size aircraft, we have a

Superior Steel Structure that will protect it.

Hydraulic Lift Doors

Hydraulic doors offer convenient and functional hangar access. Whether you own a plane, jet or helicopter, whether you need a small, medium or large door - Bison has a solution for you.

Just a few of the benefits of hydraulic doors are:

  • Provides a canopy when open
  • Fast opening
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Bigger, better cylinders
  • Less moving parts
  • Less headroom required
  • Low maintenance components
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Sliding Doors

Bison have developed a simple and reliable sliding door system that is either single, double or triple tracked, bottom rolled, to suit any need. Ideally suited for any hangar building that requires maximum width openings.

  • Fully welded steel RHS/C channel frame, making them robust
  • Fully suspended from Universal beam
  • Heavy duty door handle and lock
  • Heavy duty wheels with roller bearings
  • Full external steel RHS surround

Aircraft hangar design and construction

Looking to build a hangar? Trying to figure out how to use your land space efficiently? Some hangars are solely to house aircraft, while others serve an additional role of office or workshop space.

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