Steel buildings

​Steel buildings of a class of their own, with superior strength, stamina, endurance and size.

Dairy buildings

From design to completion, Bison Constructions provide quality, cost effective and purpose built dairy buildings that enhance operating conditions and healthy animal husbandry.

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Farm buildings

Quality rural buildings with endless options. Sheds ideal for protecting machinery and livestock.

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Equine Buildings

Bison Equine Buildings are built for the most discerning with customise features to suit your needs and tastes.

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Sports facilities

Provide year round access to your outdoor sport or learning facilities, regardless of the weather.

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Aircraft Hangars

Specialists in superior structural steel aircraft hangars to secure any size aircraft, glider or helicopter.

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General industrial

The right balance of appearance and workability.

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Rural industrial

Are you looking for a company that can deliver you Superior Steel Buildings complete with STRENGTH, STAMINA, ENDURANCE and SIZE?

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Cool rooms

Specialists in superior and efficient cool room structures. An all-inclusive building package provides a cost-effective project combining concrete slab, steel building and insulated panel.

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Buildings that span over 12 metres are framed and fabricated using hot rolled structural steel for STRENGTH.

All structures are designed and engineered to Class C, a semi-cyclonic rating, this proof of STAMINA gives you peace of mind that your investment will weather the harshest of storms with total integrity.

We use only Australian made steel, hot dipped galvanized columns, and open web joist rafters for greater roof strength for wider spans and SIZE.

Our standards combine to give you a package that is marked by superior ENDURANCE.