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Sheep Yard Cover

Project details

September 2017
Will Morrison - Pisa Estate
Building Size
25mL x 26.5mL x 3.5mH


Constructing a cover over existing yards can be challenging, time consuming and costly. Thanks to the Bison building system, Will Morrison's sheep yard cover was a simple, quick and cost effective project. This building has many benefits for both staff and stock and the investment will pay dividends over many years to come.

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  • Large 8.83m bays
  • Clear sheet in roof for natural lighting
  • Side wall for weather protection

Project Manager...

"Our ability to design, fabricate and construct as a 'one stop shop' ultimately won Bison this project. Along with this, we demonstrated our skills, experience and expertise in building this structure. Thanks for trusting us with your project Will!"

David Bissett - Project Manager
Overall it was the one quote that was complete, made it a lot simpler and its a quality product. I'm just so excited to crutch sheep in the shade rather than in the sun, I think it will make life alot easier.
Sheep Yard Cover
Will Morrison Will Morrison
Sheep farmer - Pisa Estate