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Pork Processing Facility

Building Scottsdale Pork’s new meat processing facility was very rewarding. Processing plants are a breed of their own!

  • Pork Processing Facility

Project details

February 2016
Scottsdale Pork
Building Size
20m Wide x 20m Long x 6m High
Carcass Chiller, Freezer, Dispatch Chiller, Processing Room

Processing plants take a good deal of time to design and are reasonably complex to build due to strict operational procedures once in production. These complexities require skill and dedication to ensure great results in the end product. This project incorporated both Bison’s expertise in steel framed buildings and cool-room construction, which ensured a cost effective build.


  • Bison Web Truss - high load bearing capacity
  • Galvanised columns for superior rust protection
  • Bird proofing and ventilation to ceiling space
  • ‘Shale Grey’ insulated panel with Satinline skin external finish
  • Access stairs for ceiling space
  • Plant, seasoning and rubbish rooms at rear of building


Bison are pleased to have successfully completed this signature project right here in Scottsdale. It has been wonderful to work with a local, innovative business that has achieved excellence and growth.

David Bissett - Bison Constructions
Moving into the actual processing of our pork presented quite a challenge for us. We had a lot of detail to go into the design of the whole process and Bison's direct input and project management made this possible. Being conscious of lean processes we had to incorporate many features to facilitate efficient flow and Bison's unique building design put this right into action.
Pork Processing Facility
Daniel Unwin
Scottsdale - Scottsdale Pork