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Project details

Gerard Hextall, St Leonard's TAS
Building Size
45mW x 64mL x 8.25mH
12mW x 30mL
15mW x 64mL
45mW Clear Span Structure
Concrete Dado Panels
Mezzanine Floor


Gerard Hextall is a born and bred Tasmanian who began his career as a builder. It's evident when speaking to him that he has gained an unimaginable amount of knowledge and experience in the industry over the years. Gerard won't settle for anything but the best for his clients and at one point in his career began the process of finding a company that would help him to design and construct his impressive structural ideas. It didn't take him long to decide our team here at Bison, are the ones for the job! In his own words after working with us, "I was very impressed with their professional approach and how easy it was to talk to them. The way they came onto site, no one had to ask any questions, everyone knew what they where doing. They all worked together like one big family."

We were able to work together with Gerard to achieve a fantastic result, one we are extremely proud of.

Working on this project was an exciting and rewarding experience with many chuckles along the way. We're pleased with the outcome and judging by his testimony in the video, so is the wonderful Gerard!!

Project Manager ...

"We were very happy and excited to work with Gerard on this 45m x 65m long clearspan shed, with a 15m and 12m wide awnings.

It was a great experience to work along side Gerard and his team to create Gerald’s vision and transform an old service station site into a warehouse for him and his client The Laminex Group.

It stands out both in its size, style and functionality.

Well done Gerard. It was such a pleasure to work with you on this project and deliver it in such a timely fashion."

Tony Wallis - Project Manager
The old saying goes; you always get what you pay for, and you certainly get what you pay for and a bit more with Bison.
Industrial Warehouse
Gerard Hextall Gerard Hextall
Industrial Warehouse Developer -