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Hay Shed

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  • Hay Shed
  • Hay Shed
  • Hay Shed
  • Hay Shed

Project details

Kevin Towns - Dally Downs
Hay Shed Size
12mW x 22.5mL x 5mH
480 Round Bales


7 years ago, after a busy life in healthcare and real-estate, Kevin Towns turned to farming. Now he has over 900 acres of property in Ellendale, Tasmania and has just finished a bumper hay season.

With a vague idea of building a shed to store all his hay, he called Bison. Because, in Kevin's words:

'I'd already heard that if you're going to do a barn, then get a Bison shed - cos its not just a little shed!'

Kevin tells the story of the planning and construction of his shed better than we could ever tell it. Watch the video to hear about his experience with Bison.

Salesman ...

"Striving to give our clients the best we can in service and communication is always 'front of mind' here at Bison Constructions. Kevin's story is testament to that - we nailed it with his project! Working with Kevin on this 'hay barn' project was fun, it was easy and it was very rewarding"

David Bissett - Sales Manager
We had several neighbouring farmers call in, and all remarked on the speed and quality of the construction.
Hay Shed
Kevin Towns Kevin Towns
Owner - Dally Downs