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Calving Barn

State-of-the-Art Calving Barn, designed with the comfort of the Dairy Cow and Dairy Farmer in mind. Bison can provide custom designed loafing barns to suit any Dairy Farm.

Project details

July 2016
Nigel & Rachael Brock - Brockton Dairy
Building Size
20mW x 56mL x 5mH
Building Details
8mW x 56mL cantilevered canopy
Holds approx. 120 pregnant cows on straw bedding


Brockton Dairy’s 850 cow herd now have the luxury of calving in a purpose-built barn!

Dairy Farmer, Nigel Brock relates his experiences and explains the important decision he made by choosing to calve indoors. An investment, yes, but the benefits are enormous! Be proactive and let Bison design & construct your calving barn to make next year’s calving season ‘a breeze’.

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  • 8mW x 56mL cantilevered canopy over feed pad
  • Concrete panel walls 1.5mH
  • Vented back wall for good airflow
  • Sliding doors for extra ventilation and ease of access

Project Manager...

"It’s always a pleasure working with a farming operation like Brockton Dairy. Because from our initial contact, Nigel knew what he wanted and was committed to do it once and do it properly! Everything in this barn was well thought through, is neat, practical and completed to a very high standard."

David Bissett - Project Manager
The construction was so simple, they did a really professional job. It was a really easy process to deal with Bison
Calving Barn
Nigel Brock Nigel Brock
Owner - Brockton Dairy