Design process

Design process

You have the perfect piece of land. Bison builds superior steel sheds. To blend the two into a successful project takes a comprehensive step my step development process. Let Bison eliminate the friction!


Initial Contact & Quotation


Call us on 03 6352 4449
to discuss your project and organise a site visit. We love to understand your application so we can provide a cost effective solution.

Website Enquiry

Make an enquiry online
anytime of the day or night. Providing detailed requirements ensure that we can carefully design to maximise cost efficiency.


Use the contact form
if you have a question or would like to discuss your project in more detail.


Preliminary Concept with Quotation



Feeding Yard

Feeding Yard



Options Revisions Project Process and Schedulling


The Bison team will assist/discuss the various options that may benefit your operation.


Revisions are a part of life we will work with you through your project to ensure a sucessful outcome

Project Process and Scheduling

Depending on the complexity of your project, Bison will schedule your construction to suit your project deadlines.



Contract Signing

A signed contract is required by Bison to commence your project

Payment Plan & Deposit

Bison will present a standard payment schedule which can be customised to suit your unique circumstances. A deposit will secure your order and enable us to schedule your project in our system.

Dedicated Project Manager

One of Bisons skilled project managers will be given a detailed brief on your project requirements and will become your point of contact throughout the construction of your project.


Meeting your Project Deadline

Council Approval Process

Click here to obtain our Simple Step by Step Council Approval Checklist

Colour Selection

Click to see the full range of colourbond colours.

Weather Related Issues

Our hardy team members will strive to minimise weather impacting on your construction deadlines, working long and hard hours to finish the job through thick and thin.


Design Engineering Approvals and Drawings

Brief to Engineer

Bison provide a design brief to the engineer. Engineer draws and certifies plans that comply to local council building regulations.

Submission of Plans to council

Bison provides plans and certification and generally a site plan ready for client submission to Council/Building Surveyor.

Workshop Drawings

Bison's in house draftsman prepares drawings for fabrication and installation


Fabrication and delivery


Bisons state of the art factory commences on Fabrication of Columns and Trusses and other structural components.


Bison proudly offers superior protection to columns by Hot dip galvanising for lasting rust inhibiting.


Bison pack and deliver the finished structural components ensuring minimal site disruption.


Commencement of installation

Base preparation

Base preparation is generally handled by the client. Bison require a level base unless notified in initial discussions and recommend graveling the site for all weather access.

Setout & Pier Excavation

Bison's construction team arrived erecting corner profiles then marks out ready for pier excavation.

Pour Footings/Slab

Once inspected by the relevant building authority, piers are poured, and footings cages are placed. Similarly for a concrete slab.



Framing & Roofing

Bison's construction team frame and clad the roof whilst on the ground including gutters.


Using Bison's unique lifting technique, the roof is lifted with cranes, bolted and braced ready for wall framing and cladding.

Lockup and flashings

Walls are cladded, doors installed and custom flashings are measured and installed.



Bison exceeds client's expectations

Built to last a lifetime

One satisfied client