Bison Constructions is a Tasmanian owned and operated company. Manufacturing superior quality industrial, rural and commercial steel buildings.

Bison Constructions began in 2008. Since then we have erected hundreds of purpose-built steel buildings throughout Tasmania. As the popularity of our buildings has grown, our commitment to quality remains unchanged.

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to using technology to improve the performance of our buildings. This has led to the development of our unique design process that reduces labour, increases safety, and lowers costs.

Our People

Our team at Bison Constructions understand what each application needs and excel in designing and building structures that suit your requirements. We have an experienced in-house design team that will guide your project from concept-to-completion.

There is no substitute for experience and Bison Constructions has just that. One look at our list of steel buildings and you’ll see we can do it all.

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All our buildings stand in a class of their own. Buildings over 12 metre spans are framed and fabricated using universal beams of hot rolled structural steel. A Bison building can take the knocks, wear and tear of daily life all in its stride - a testament of strength.


Our Bison building structures are designed and engineered to Class C, a semi-cyclonic rating. This superior proof of stamina gives you peace of mind and confidence that your investment is designed to withstand the harshest Tasmanian storms with total integrity.

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Endurance must be backed by quality control. Our strict standards are achieved by using only Australian made steel, hot dipped galvanized columns and duragal open web joist rafters. This achieves greater roof strength and wider clear spans. These features combined give you a package that is marked by superior endurance.


All Bison buildings are custom designed and manufactured to your requirements, complete with our previously mentioned large clear span trusses. We specialise in clear spans from 9 - 60 metres. When heights and widths become an issue to others, Bison will step in with all your size solutions.

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